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The taste of summer

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Our products

Strawberry & Raspberry Chia

Your toast will get a boost if you spread it on there. Sweet strawberries perfectly matched with tasty raspberries. 

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Summerfruit & Chia

Fruity, sweet but a still a bit tangy, summerfruit is perfect to put into your porridge or smoothie in the morning 

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Blueberry & Chia

Cute little blueberries deliver some extra sweetness. 

Great to use in desserts, smoothies or as a topping on your cheesecake. 

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Thank you @thejamgoddess for producing such top quality sugar free jam. All my family love it x

– Aisling F

I am a dental nurse and sugar is a big issue when it comes to dental care. I am so glad that The Jam Goddess has launched their products. #sugarfree #kindtoyourteeth.

– Ellison S.

These jams are awesome. I am totally impressed with their macros. I am a fitness professional so nutrition is extremely important to me. well done Jam Goddess

– James M

This is my daughter Alexandra. She loves your Summerfruit jam. And for me, it means a no fuss breakfast. Win win!

– Marianne F

'Just tried your strawberry & raspberry jam. Delish. Mmmhh...Interestingly, it was surprisingly sharp on the first mouthful but I believe that is because my brain is conditioned to super sweet 'normal' jam. This was really wonderful! I had it on half a toasted bagel btw. YUM

– Hugo P